Juran Global

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The Business of Performance Improvement

Performance improvement is our business, and we ensure that performance improvement is also the business of our clients. Juran practices what we teach. We are fully committed to our clients and believe that our clients’ success is our success. The essential end product of our analysis, our training, and our consulting is for our clients to be fully prepared to move forward using our methods, practices, and tools in their business when each engagement draws to a close.

A Culture of Sustainability

We seek to understand each company’s wants, needs, and expectations, and we always strive to exceed them. We plan for each client’s eventual self-sufficiency by utilizing a “train-learn-and-apply-practice-master” approach. We have our own comprehensive Juran Management System that drives and maintains our business. Planning for your self-sufficiency is part of every Juran engagement. The process improvement and problem-solving steps we use are clear, transferable, and applicable to the wide-ranging issues organizations face.

An Unparalleled Partner

Juran is the right partner to improve your performance. Our services and training, publications, software, and support materials are unparalleled in any industry. We are adept at preparing business leaders, managers, and all levels of employees with the practical skills and in-depth knowledge they need to achieve tangible, rapid results on the job. The learning experience offered through our mentoring, training, and certifications is designed to enable our clients to accelerate their performance improvement efforts, deliver enhanced value to internal and external customers, and increase their organization’s profitability.