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Juran has been a leading provider of benchmarking services to the oil and gas industry for nearly 20 years. Our extensive database contains performance data from leading companies in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States.

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The first internal benchmarking cycle and our best practice sharing forums have been real eye-openers, with $800 million of improvement potential identified. Benchmarking, both internally and externally, is a critical tool supporting continuous improvement.

Vice President, Maintenance, PEMEX

In this global economy where the change is constant, we need to explore and understand what’s happening in the surrounding marketplace for the continuation of our business. To do so, we benchmark ourselves among well-known companies through Juran Benchmarking.

Operations Manager, Banagas

Benchmarking plays a pivotal role in both the diagnostics of how we do today and in long-term planning. We have embarked on a series of improvements in our operations and have been able to achieve some impressive savings with the support of benchmarking outputs.

Ops Ex Manager, European Gas Transmission System Operator